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ConnectEd at Prospect Presbyterian

Children age two (by October 1, 2018) through and including adults are welcome to be part of a vibrant educational experience that leads the congregation to worship and serve God!  Using Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, all ages study the same Bible reading and theme that will be the basis of the worship service that morning.  At Prospect, worship, education, and mission are integrated and inclusive of all ages!

Classes meet from 9:15-10:15 AM each Sunday (September - May). Sensational Sundays are monthly inter-generational events where the entire church family gathers together for a creative, interactive ConnectEd experience. New students are welcome any time during the year!  Please complete the ConnectEd Registration Form for all children and youth.

What we ask of our parents:

  • Complete the ConnectEd Registration Form and return it to the church office, Rita Boyer, or to your child's teacher.
  • Sign up to be a "Helping Parent" at a time that is most convenient for you.  Your child's teacher has a schedule.  Helping Parents may be asked to assist in the classroom or to recruit someone else to do so, especially in the absence of one of the team teachers.  Helping Parents may also be asked to assist with food.
  • If your child is in first grade or younger, tell the teacher who is responsible for picking up your child at the end of class.
  • Please bring your child to ConnectEdl promptly at 9:15 each week that you are in town and that your child is not ill.
  • See that children in grades one and under are picked up at 10:15 and that older children are either picked up or know where to meet you at 10:15.

The Christian nurture of our children and youth depends upon parents and church working in partnership with one another.  The staff and volunteers of Prospect Church count it a privilege to join you in this sacred partnership of nurturing children and youth in the Christian faith!


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