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Interfaith Hospitality Network  Hosting week: Prospect will be hosting IHN families during the week of February 9 - 15, 2020. Signups during Fellowship Time will continue until February 9. The volunteer sign up may be viewed here or in Fellowship Hall after worship. Sign up by contacting the church office or a coordinator.

If you would like to get the meal and groceries lists emailed directly, contact the church office. (  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The IHN Ministry Team is continuing to monitor changes in program for efficiency, and we encourage volunteers to give us their feedback after the next hosting. Our goal is to ensure that volunteers feel valued in their service to the program. Our sincere thanks to all members for your services in caring for the IHN guest families. (IHN Coordinators: Allison, Ina, Mary, Nancy & Frank)



Prospect Hunger Program

The Prospect Hunger Program will be bringing bagged lunches to Newark to feed the homeless living in and around Penn Station, once a month.  The lunches will be bagged assembly line style during Fellowship Hour. Please join us after worship for both fellowship and lending a hand to create the lunches.  This is a monthly event, which takes place on the third Sunday of each month.

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